Norse Foundry


Adventure Coins – Steampunk Metal Coins Set of 10

Set of 10 Coins

  • Add some steampunk to your modern, sci-fi campaigns with these unbelievably intricate steampunk coins. Just like in the real world, you can’t do much without cash in your D&D campaigns. Whether you need to buy fuel for your flying car or just need it for some activity that blurs the line between legal and illegal, these coins will serve as the perfect currency to spice up every game.

    Keep your pockets loaded and buy all that money can in your adventures with them.

    We created this Steampunk Adventure Coin set with metal alloy and each coin is machine engraved to offer consistent details and finish quality. They resemble real-world coins and are a perfect and essential addition to your RPG game set whether you’re playing D&D or any other RPG.