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  • Split the Party - Purple and Green Cats Eye 7 Piece RPG Set Glass Dice

    NOR 01520

    • A New Power. A cesspool of acidic green goo bubbling with intensity, muck that can dissolve flesh in an instant. It is advised to stay away from this puddle of death. But a series of unfortunate events have led your players to choose two paths—cross it and guarantee a successful campaign, or retreat to failure. The task ahead is hard, but with the intellect and wit of your characters, no challenge is small. Unless the party is in splits! Cut through the confusion by bringing out your purple and green cat's eye RPG dice set. Its magical hues and powerful presence will instantly reassure your characters that winning is the only way.

      Aim for Perfection. Thin optic glass fibers are spun together to create gemstones that boast a densely pearlescent, opaque luster. The magnificent reflective quality of these stones adds all the magic that your game needs. While our wide range of natural stone sets offers that organic and earthly touch to your inventory, the Cats Eye gemstones offer perfection and a flawless finish that’s only possible with synthetic alchemy.

      Level Up Your Game. This lab-created gemstone is known for its high insulation and sturdy structure. Every piece is cut with perfect precision and spun together to create a fluid, translucent material. We use premium pigments to ensure that each die looks consistent and pristine. Each die is individually sandblasted and hand-carved and may present slight variations.

      This product is made by a trained professional but due to the nature of natural materials, the item being hand carved and sandblasted please allow for slight variations due to the nature of this product.

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      Dice Box Not Included with Purchase

      *Cats Eye “Stones” are made of fiber optic synthetic glass.*