Norse Foundry

Misfit Dice

Misfit dice looking for a good home

The Misfits have banded together forming a team of 7 to start adventuring. They have all lost their families but are still strong and want to make the world a better place. Will you help them unlock their destiny full of successes and crits. High and low rolls they will stick together through and through.

These dice will not match

These are standard RPG sets of random assorted dice. You will receive a complete set of 7 pieces (d20, d12, 2x d10 (00-90 and 0-9), d8, d6, and d4). All are random extras from sets we have broken down to fill orders. 

*These dice may be factory seconds and may have any or all of the following scratches, dings, marks, excess paint, damaged packaging.  Sold As Is. Example Photos below, while supplies last! 



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