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    December 29, 2019 2 min read

    There are no Wrong Choices

    by: B.J. Guest

    When writing these How to Build articles, my prep consists of pouring through the different races within the Dungeons & Dragons 5E sourcebooks. I generally pick races using these two qualifiers: which race would be fun to play as that class and which race would work well tactically. Using that process I can easily narrow down my list to 4-5 race choices.  Not for the fighter. 

    The fighter class is, in my opinion, one of the more (possibly most) versatile in D&D 5E.  Thematically using any race as a fighter would be easily done and tactically viable (with few exceptions).  With that being said, this article will be more focused on the fighter’s fighting style as a base choice for which race would be a best fit.


    Fighting Styles


    As an archer, your main weapon is your trusty bow or crossbow.  Since ranged attacks are dexterity based, choosing a race like elves, halflings, or (my favorite) aarakocras can be an excellent choice. Being able to soar in the air and snipe from that vantage point can create such awesome roleplay opportunities. 


    Choosing the defense style of fighting boosts the fighter’s AC while wearing armor. This fighting style is extremely versatile because who doesn’t like a little extra added to their armor class?


    While wielding one weapon with one hand, your fighter will gain a bonus to their damage rolls.  This fighting style gives me very strong Marvel Comics’ Fandral the Dashing vibes. A swashbuckling hero with a large boisterous laugh maybe a bit cliche but aren’t those the most fun characters to play?

    Great Weapon Fighting

    Swinging a large greataxe or huge greatsword with both hands and absolutely crushing your enemies is so satisfying to describe.  But when your damage rolls aren’t as savory, Great Weapon Fighting can fix that with the ability to reroll your damage once if you like.  Choosing a race with an extra boost to strength such as a Goliath or a Half-Orc would make those damage rolls even sweeter. 


    Big Captain America fan?  Then you may like the protection fighting style too!  While wielding a shield, your fighter will be able to assist your comrades by causing enemies to roll with a disadvantage.  This style can create great descriptive opportunities of how you throw your shield, bashes in the face of the ogre!

    Two-Weapon Fighting

    Swinging two melee weapons around in a flurry of steel slashing and hacking into a horde of goblins, a two-weapon fighting style gives a fighter the ability to make the damage of an offhand attack much more deadly. 


    The numbers are important in D&D but as always, I implore you to remember that the most important aspect of Dungeons and Dragons is to have fun!

    *Dungeons and Dragons and their content is the property of Wizards of the Coast. Norse Foundry makes no claim to ownership to any of the things discussed in this article, this article is a helpful opinion guide on to how to play the game.